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GOBLINS NEVER DIE is a roguelite horde-battler with simple controls, inspired by the likes of Vampire Survivors and Pikmin. 

Conquer the ancient combat ritual of Gobogongo as you fuel the bonfire with the skulls of your foes!

  • Pick up the totem and inspire your goblin clan on the field of battle! Lead your warriors in a mighty charge - or bait your foes into ambush!
  • Draft new, uniquely generated goblins into your clan as your victories mount, and assimilate their knowledge, skills, and behaviors into the clan! 
  • Beware - enemy clans will recruit those you leave behind, making each battle more challenging!
  • Feed the bonfire with the bones of your enemies to please Zoog, God of Goblins, and keep the darkness at bay! 
  • Enjoy beautifully hand-drawn art, hundreds of gobliny yells, and a finely crafted, fully original goblin-metal soundtrack!

Can you guide your clan to victory and earn the honor of wearing the Big Hat? Or will your goblins be consumed forever by the eternal night? 


  • WASD or mouse click moves your shaman. 
  • Mouse click selects upgrades, when available.
  • Esc brings up the pause menu.
  • The Shaman has no direct offensive capabilities - instead, INSPIRE your goblins to follow you into battle with your powerful magic presence by moving near them! 
  • Zoog has granted the Shaman limited regenerative powers - keep an eye on the heart meter!
  • The green marker is the respawn point for your team of goblins.
  • The yellow marker and top messages guide the tutorial.
  • SKULLS are important! Bigger combos reward you with more of Zoog's favor, allowing you to upgrade your clan more quickly!
  • The "~" key during the main menu allows you to play around with a ton of variables including goblin behaviors, rate of darkness, etc. Default values are listed on the right. 

PLEASE NOTE: This game is a work-in-progress in active development. The alpha is free for testing purposes; please support its development by posting bugs and feedback below (and maybe tossing us a couple bucks). The game's price will likely increase as content is added. 

Programming: Outside Realm

Sound + Music: Bawss Sawss

Design + Art: ROLLINKUNZ!

Updated 4 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsCasual, Deck Building, goblins, Hand-drawn, Mouse only, Roguelite, Simple, Singleplayer, upgrades, weird


GoblinsNeverDie COMBAT DEMO 0.7.31.zip 149 MB

Install instructions

Please note: This is a demo of the combat gameplay only. Eventually, collecting Skulls will allow you to build up your village, unlock new cards, and visit new and exciting arenas!

  • Download the .zip file
  • Unpack it to the folder of your choosing
  • Run GoblinsNeverDIE.exe
  • Have fun!

Development log


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I'm really enjoying this. I'm playing it on my Steam Deck through Steam Play/proton. It has a weird ratio, almost 4:5. Is there a command line to force a screen resolution? The deck is natively 16:10 or "800p" (1280x800).

Never could get into other games like this, but the hand drawn art is excellent. I'm already a fan of these goblins. I need some art assets so it doesn't look like blank grey rectangles on Steam. 


Thank you for your feedback!  We will work on Steam Deck support, as well as a standard resolution configuration interface.

I went ahead and made some myself and added the game to Steam as a non-Steam game. And added as custom artwork so they don't have empty grey boxes in my Steam library. 

You can find them here.

Oh, yeah. Here's a screen shot of what it's doing to the screen. On my laptop the edges aren't cut off. But my laptop has a standard 1080p screen. The Steam Deck is 800p. 


Looks like a great game. Before I download, is this game compatible on iPad and iPhone?




Just PC right now while we test and work on the core, but the next step will be mobile and other platforms! 


The true goblin wars! I really liked it! The only thing missing I think is just some more visual feedback on the stuff happening around the shaman, maybe stuff like:

- A visual indicator for the recruitment radius, like a circle under the shaman?

- Some visual feedback on which goblinos are currently under your control, maybe some sparkles like in the staff on each of them or something

- An indicator for how many gobiinos you can recruit, or how many you currently have out of a max amount

- Some indication for when they lose the will to follow you, I died a couple of times looking for my fellow goblins that stopped following me not realizing I had a green one chasing me :(

But yeah the art and sounds are already incredibly well made. It is a bit addictive too! Just needs some more of that game feel juice!


Great feedback; thank you!
It absolutely needs more juice (we've got a list of planned tweaks and features a mile long). The "following" indicators are a great idea! (For now, try pressing 'V' so you can read their wee minds :D )


Thanks for playing it! Definitely some helpful notes here. Appreciate it!


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to peek at the alpha demo of Goblins Never Die! We'd love to hear your feedback as we continue to develop this little goblin-battler. BEGIN THE TRIALS OF GOBOGONGO!