Hey all, 

It's been a few months of work on Goblins Never DIE, and we're happy to say a new version of the Combat Demo is live! Here's some stuff that's been added: 

  • Quality of life features including obstacles that block goblin movement and line of sight, mushroom gas that obscures the battlefield, and even more GOBLINY BEHAVIORS, like fleeing and blocking!
  • A brand new TUTORIAL now walks your Shaman through the first steps on your journey to become a holy conduit of Zoog!
  • A TON of new music tracks have been added, including a brand new menu theme, bringing the total amount of Goblincore Metal songs to 9!
  • Various other visual and audio juice additions make GND look and sound even better than before! 

Please take some time to try out the demo and tell us what you think. Your feedback means a lot to us as we continue to make GND the best it can be! 


GoblinsNeverDie COMBAT DEMO 149 MB
52 days ago

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