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The DUNGENERATOR is a deck of cards that randomly generates inky, organic dungeons!

It's the end of a long evening of dungeon-crawling. Your players have kicked down every door, unraveled each mystery, and slain all of the monsters (and most of the side characters) you've prepared... but their thirst for adventure is far from quenched. 

You can see it in their eyes: the dungeon-hunger that can only be sated by a fresh crypt or labyrinth to loot. You check your notes- not a scrap of map or paragraph of preparation left. Must you send them home to the humdrum of real life?!

The DUNGENERATOR is here to help! It's a tool for tabletop roleplayers that want a new dungeon quickly, without the need for hand-drawing a layout or borrowing someone else's static maps. Each room in the dungeon it generates includes interesting visual prompts, so you can simply describe what you see to your players and come away with a one-of-a-kind experience! You will probably still eventually need to send them home.

It features:

  • 84 modular maps that you can print as cards or use with your favorite Virtual Tabletop
  • Instructions cards for my super-simple dungeon generation method:

You'll get the deck in all of these formats:

  • The DUNGENERATOR: Series 2 Digital Deck (PNGs for VTT use)
  • Full-color Print-and-Play sheets for double-sided cards (PDFs)
  • Printer-friendly black and white Print-and-Play sheets for double-sided cards 
  • Full-color 1" scale grid battlemaps of each card, so you can make a dungeon and then add your minis!
  • Printer-friendly black and white versions of the 1" scale battlemaps

You'll also get:

  • The DUNGENERATOR: Series 2 module for TableTop Simulator on Steam
  • A table of room detail prompts for each card / dungeon room in the deck:


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

In order to download this inky dungeon generator you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $15 USD. You will get access to the following files:

The DUNGENERATOR S2 Digital Deck.zip 164 MB
The DUNGENERATOR S2 Digital Deck BnW.zip 7 MB
The DUNGENERATOR S2 Battlemaps BnW.zip 25 MB
The DUNGENERATOR S2 Battlemaps Color 201-221.zip 198 MB
The DUNGENERATOR S2 Battlemaps Color 222-242.zip 194 MB
The DUNGENERATOR S2 Battlemaps Color 243-263.zip 211 MB
The DUNGENERATOR S2 Battlemaps Color 264-284.zip 201 MB
The DUNGENERATOR S2 PnP BnW Letter.zip 5 MB
The DUNGENERATOR S2 PnP Color A4.zip 34 MB
The DUNGENERATOR S2 PnP Color Letter.zip 34 MB
DUNGENERATOR Series 2 for Tabletop Simulator.zip 1 MB
The DUNGENERATOR Series 2 room prompts.pdf 43 MB

Community Copies

Support this inky dungeon generator at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Community Copy

Thanks to the generosity of The DUNGENERATOR: Series 2 backers, a number of free community copies are available! Feel free to claim one if you can't currently afford a copy, no questions asked. Enjoy! 

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